Friday, October 10, 2008

Train Twitter

I love riding Metrolink, and recently discovered that Metrolink is on Twitter.  So I signed on as a follower.  Frankly, I expected dull notifications.  But this is the first Twitter posting I received from them:
San Bern Line train 331 delayed 30 mins due to unruly passenger at Upland stn.  Passenger removed by local police.
And that, ladies and gentleman is the kind of thing that comes to mind when people ask me "Where do you get your ideas?"

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Messenger

I invite you to visit my Web site,, to see information about the new book, The Messenger. The site currently says it will be out in "December," but that's kind of misleading. Officially, at this moment, the release date for the book is December 30th, and you can pre-order it from online booksellers now for delivery then.   The tour for the book starts in early January.

All of that nitpicking aside...if you follow the link on my home page, you'll find information about the book.  And as on this blog -- some new artwork.  Enjoy!