Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from Mayhem...and about Facebook

Just back from a wonderful time at Mayhem in the Midlands. It is one of the best organized fan conventions in the U.S., and always held at a size that allows people to actually spend time together -- as opposed to the usual feeling one gets of having waved to all of one's acquaintances while crossing Grand Central during a marathon.

This year Dana Stabenow was the Guest of Honor and Zoe Sharp was the Caroline Willner International Guest of Honor. Dana and I have been good friends for some years now, and she asked that I serve as the "Toastmaster" this time, which means I interviewed her at the convention on Sunday. At some point, that interview will be available online. I really enjoyed getting to know Zoe, and look forward to reading her work. The first books in her series have been picked up for reissue by Busted Flush Press, so watch for announcements from the BFP Website next year.

Ann asked about Facebook. Here's a badge that I think will get you through to my page there:

Jan Burke's Facebook Profile

I'll try to put that in the sidebar of the blog. Wish me luck! First I have to deal with an unruly dry cleaner. Seriously. More on that soon.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Facebook & Twitter & Emailing me directly

A few of you have asked about this, so here's the contact information:

I'm on Facebook -- Jan Burke.

I'm on Twitter. (Yes, before the recent tidal wave of celeb sign ups.) You can see my Tweets here on the blog or follow me -- Jan_Burke. You can send a message to me on Twitter using the usual Twitter commands. (@ or D)

And if you want to send me an email, puzzle this out, because if I write it out here, spammers will collect it off the blog and drive me nuts. So:
My last name
a dot
usual dot com suffix.

So the first part is Burke.TheMessenger

If you post a comment here and put your email address in your comment, I will read the comment and get back to you, but I won't make your comment public. That's to keep you from getting hassled by spammers.