Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Holy Smoke

I can't believe I haven't posted here since December.  Every time I come to this page thinking it has only been a few weeks since I posted something, I'm reminded that just thinking about doing something does not get it done.  Now in a better ordered world, there would be hardworking author elves, but alas...

So a few notes and a little news:

My newest story, "The Amiable Miss Edith Montague," appears in Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box, edited by Brad Meltzer.  This anthology is available now in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions.

Brad Meltzer (ed) - The Mystery Box

I enjoyed seeing Brad, R.L. Stine, James O. Born, and many of the other contributors at The Mysterious Bookshop in New York for the launch of the anthology.  The event was SRO -- here's Brad on a ladder talking to the crowd about the book.  The camera does not capture how gracious he's being.  Brad writes dynamite thrillers, hosts an intriguing television show (History Channel's Decoded), and is an Eisner Award-winning comic book author.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  He's also one of the most generous people I know in a generous community of writers (my genre rocks) and gives back in so many ways.  For example, through this charity.

The launch took place during Edgars Week, at the end of which Mystery Writers of America gave out the Edgar Awards at a ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt.  This year, I handed a Raven Award to the most deserving Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, which also celebrated its 20th anniversary this month.  I am so happy that MWA has named Charlaine Harris as its new president!

At the banquet I was seated with Leslie S. Klinger and friends, among them Brian Skupin and Kate Stine of Mystery Scene.

Thinking of Sherlockian friends, I just realized, to my dismay, that this dearth of posts means I have not yet talked about the thrill of being "given a shilling" by the Baker Street Irregulars.  That must have a post of its own!

You may have read in the New York Times that in March I had the honor of officiating at the wedding of Twist Phelan and Jack Chapple.   Twist, who won the Thriller Award for her short story "A Stab in the Heart," has a new story in the July 2013 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, "Footprints in Water."  You can read an excerpt from it here.

Tim and I also had loads of fun at Left Coast Crime in Colorado Springs, a well-organized conference.  Have you signed up for LCC in Monterey next year?

I also see I missed posting about another adventure which deserves a post of its own, my appearance (is it an appearance on radio?) on The Dinner Party Show in December.  I was on the program with Marcia Clark and hosts Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn.  It's a cross between a riot and a royal banquet.  A particularly hilarious riot/banquet.  You can listen to our episode online here.

Ways to keep up with me during the long wait between days when I say, "I need to blog" and the days when I actually blog?

Twitter:  @jan_burke

I'm on Facebook, and I now have a fan Page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WriterJanBurke

And I usually tweet every weekday for @crimelabproject

Oh, and yes, I am writing a book and finishing a short story.  The book is a standalone novel, the short story is about Frank Harriman.  More news...well, if not soon, eventually!