Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just in case you thought I was serious all the time

Okay, if you know me at all, you don't suspect that.

But since I've been covering some serious topics, I thought I'd also let you know that I am fascinated by the cupcake craze.

I don't eat them (I'm in the post-revision self-revision cycle of my life now, where I try to lose the weight I gained while reworking a manuscript), but I totally understand why they are so popular. But that's not the source of the fascination.

It's what the Internet reveals about us. We can find experts and aficionados for anything (and anyone) you can name. And why not mention the more savory, rather than unsavory aspects of this wide-ranging, 24/7 celebration of what interests us most? So here is the cupcake, among it all, a taste (not overdoing it, mind you) of dessert, a petite pleasure, a happy little bit of cake for any occasion. What's not to like?

Cupcake blogs came to my attention through a post on Sarah Weinman's blog, where the first of these links caught my eye.

Cupcakes Take the Cake (All Cupcakes, All the Time)

52 Cupcakes (one recipe a week)

Cupcakes Across America

Each of those will take you to others. Enjoy!

Photo by Jane M Sawyer.