Monday, September 11, 2006

You clean house like I do if

1) this only occurs on any kind of rigorous level because someone who doesn't live in the house is expected to enter it

2) you have at some time changed the color of your clothing by leaning against something with bleach or cleanser on it

3) in a rush to prepare for the folks mentioned in item #1, you have placed something very important in a "safe" place. And will be unlikely to find it again for at least a year.

I'd say more, but we're expecting company.

Photo above by Jane M. Sawyer.


Anonymous said...

just finished reading ,nine and flight.loved your style of writing and story,wish there were more good wruters out there,
will read the rest of your books.
couldnt put them down they were that good,housework was forgotten.
pauline in ireland

Jan Burke said...

Thank you, Pauline! There are two things I love to hear from readers -- that they set aside housework or lost sleep reading. Mean of me in the latter case, but there you have it.

Thanks for the note, and here's hoping you'll enjoy the rest.

Jan, who would like to be in Ireland, too

Kimberly Ylitalo said...

I've been dragging my heels and putting off reading the last few of your books...because when I'm done, well, I don't want to be done! I love your books, Ms. Burke. Thanks for being such a grand storyteller.
"Bloodlines" was my first JB/IK experience...and it was the best book I could have picked up for my Maui vacation (a 50th birthday gift from my husband-yes, he's a keeper). I gave the book to my Mom when I was finished...and will leave you with this Mom flies from Spokane, visit me in Ozark, AL. Together we drive to Pensacola, FL, to visit my son who is attending a navy school. Mom and I go to the beach. It is a gorgeous day...not too hot, not too cold...we set up our beach chairs and pull out our books. My Mom is reading "Bloodlines"...and I'm reading "Bones"...and it was the most perfect peaceful beach time a girl could ever ask for.
Thanks again...and sorry I didn't have time to write a shorter blog.