Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Elaine Viets

Those of you who are hooked into the mystery fandom lists and blogs probably know by now that Elaine Viets is hospitalized, after having suffered a stroke. (More on that here.)

Elaine has devoted thousands of hours of her time to other writers through her work with MWA and Sisters in Crime. She's helped to raise money for the St. Louis Humane Society and other animal charities, and she's also a member of the Crime Lab Project — she was one of the first to join.

Elaine has a new book due out in May, Murder With Reservations. It got a starred PW review, and is the latest in her humorous "Dead End Job" series. Some of Elaine's friends are working on a way to help her to "tour" while she recovers — I'm one of those folks. So you may not see me here much for the next few days while I help out with plans!

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