Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vampire, Interrupted

I need to finish some work that pays better than blogging...I'll be back with more on the Vampire story on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!


Spaceboy said...

What do you have to go and make money for?
Anyway, you didn't have any comments on this post, so I figured I would grace you with my digital presence.
I just started Sweet Dreams, Irene. I like it.
I must say...I am a Witch (Wiccan)and I was not sure if I would be offended or not.
I like it.
Besides, it was written in 1994, before we really became recognized as a religion by the US government.
Anyway...I like it.
Goodnight, Irene was great as well.
You have real spunk, Jan. Real spunk.

- Spaceboy (Florida)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan Burke

I have been reading your books for a very long time and loved all of them. I am trying to collect something signed,(pictures, book plates, book marks, etc) from my favorite authors and would love something from you if possible? Please let me know.


Jan Burke said...

Hey there, Spaceboy -- good to hear from you again.

Glad to know that (at least so far) you haven't been offended by the book -- that would be the opposite of my intention. Irene had to be a bit naive about Wicca for the story to work, but as she learns more, I hoped the reader would, too.

A few years before I wrote the book there had been some news stories about communities where "witchcraft" was blamed for what was instead the sick behavior of a sadist who dominated a few followers, someone who was in no way connected to Wicca.

I always find it odd that this sort of thing gets associated with such a non-violent religion, or that so many fail to understand that just because someone calls himself a member of religion doesn't mean he or she represents its beliefs.

Jan Burke said...

Hi Leslie,

Send your snail mail address to me through my Web site (go to the Contact page and scroll down to "email") and tell my Webmaster that you are the Leslie that contacted me on my blog.