Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting the Big Picture re DNA and Cold Cases

Those who learn forensic science from TV may be shocked to hear that simply having a DNA match does not necessarily solve a case or lead to a conviction.

An article in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle tells how the hard work of a cold case unit in San Jose paid off in solving the 1980 rape and murder of Bettina Sailer, a young German woman who was traveling and working in the U.S. before her death. It gives a good look at how DNA helped -- but was only part of what was needed to bring an accused to trial.

The article presents a solid case for the need for local jurisdictions to commit to investigation beyond the leads that DNA can provide. Funding DNA is important. However, your local lab can come up with DNA cold hits, but if no resources are devoted to assigning homicide detectives to do further investigation in these cases, convictions are unlikely.


red said...

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Hello! I am a HUGE fan of your books and it all started with me taking out 'Flight' from the local library three years ago. Since then, I've read all the books you've had published and have recommended them to numerous friends and family members. I've even been known to take a copy off the shelf in the library and hand it to a patron, telling them to give it a read and they wouldn't be sorry they gave it a try!

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