Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Overdue Update

I'm excited to say that The Messenger, my next book, is a step closer to actually being a book. The revisions are in, cover art is nearly ready (I'll put it up here and on my Web site as soon as possible), and it looks as if the publication date will be set for January, 2009.

As some of you already know, this book has a supernatural element. It has thriller elements as well, and I think those who read the Irene Kelly series will enjoy meeting Tyler Hawthorne and friends.

Especially those of you who love dogs. Wait until you meet Shade! I'll talk more about him, and the plot of The Messenger, very soon.

I'm also working on a new Irene Kelly book. That one will possibly be out in the fall of 2009. The main reason you haven't seen much of me here is that I'm trying to get two manuscripts finished this year -- hoping to make it up to all of you for not getting a book out this year.

I'll soon have a story coming out in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, too. I'll give details about that and tell you how you can make sure you get a copy of it in my next post!

It was great seeing those of you who came to Mayhem in the Midlands. That's one of my favorite conventions, and next year I'll have the pleasure of serving as its toastmaster. The guest of honor is my good friend Dana Stabenow, so we'll have fun. When the 2009 registration links are available, I'll let you know.

Mayhem is held in Omaha. A lot of my extended family can be found in the midwest, so I arrived a little early, and drove through four states during my visit there. I saw cousins, aunts, uncles, and nieces and nephews. One day I joined cousin Martha Burke and one of her friends, artist Paula Fagan, for lunch in Kansas City, Missouri. We had lunch in the city's art district, at a fabulous place called Pizza Bella. Just down the street on Baltimore Ave is the historic TWA Building, recently restored, Moonliner II and all. You can see a better photo of it than the one above on this Wikipedia link, but this is one I snapped with my iPhone. If you have a chance to visit this part of the city, go!

This is a beautiful time of year to be driving past farmland, and some of the most lovely and serene vistas can be found in the Flint Hills of Kansas. I spent a lot of hours in the rental car this trip, and I think that part of the drive remains my favorite.

My next public appearance will be June 13-14, at the Hardboiled Heroes and Cozy Cats Writers Conference, which is sponsored by the Southwest Chapter of MWA. If you live anywhere near Dallas, Texas, and are working on a manuscript, I hope I'll be see you at that event.

Now I'm going back to work on a manuscript of my own....

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