Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Okay, forgive me for wearing my shades indoors -- I'm feeling too cool for the room. ;-)

The audio version of Goodnight, Irene is now available on iTunes!

Click here, or go to:


Anonymous said...

Good Night Irene is available as a download at as well as itunes... bought it as soon as it was released. But.. can't seem to find Sweet Dreams, Irene as a downloadable e-audio book. Sure hoping it will be. Loved reading all your books, loved listening to Good Night, Irene. And so looking forward to being able to buy downloads of the rest.. I hope

mickeett said...

sure hoping the new audio releases will be available as downloads like Goodnight Irene. Bought it and downloaded as soon as it came out. Enjoyed the listen as much as I did the read. So looking forward to, hopefully, being able to download the rest.


Jan Burke said...

Thanks for the tip about -- and for the kind words about the books.

Jan Burke said...

Thanks, Mickeett! I think they will be.