Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Bookplate Offer

The last of the bookplates have been given away -- these are no longer available -- many thanks to all of you who asked for them! I'll try to do something like this again in the near future.


A large, signed edition of this book plate of Shade, the cemetery dog in The Messenger, is available free to those who are on my mailing list and fans of this blog.

These bookplates were designed by Sandra Cvar. Only a limited number are available, so for now, we'll only send one per household.

To receive a book plate, just send your name and address to this e-mail address:
burke.themessenger -- at --

replace the spaces and "-- at --" with the usual e-mail symbol.

This offer is void where prohibited.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour, (Sorry if this comment doesn't have any link with the topic)
First excuse me for my english, cause I'm French...
I write to you because I'm so upset about a book... "Goodnight, Irene". My friend gave me this book, telling me: "I don't know this book, I don't know if you'll like it, but it's about a journalist, and you want to be in the future a journalist. So take it.
And I started to read the book. Immediatly, I was loke "OOOh, Jan Burke writes very well." And more I was following to read, more I was adoring the book. I just finished it since 05 minutes, and now I can definitly say that it's the most wonderful book that I have ever read in my whole life ! I'm not kidding, that's simply the true.
The end really moved me, because I thought that after the explosion, Irene was died (cause you know, Frank H. was crying). I loved the entire story, really great, really lovely and even more...
So I'm just here to tell you thank you a lot "merci beaucoup" for this book, it was the biggest pleasure in my life to read it (and God knows how much books I've read). Just one question, did you realized that this book is really a legend ? I don't know you really, but I hope that you're proud of Goodnight Irene = D. Now I'm gonna buy your others books, cause now it's a long long road that I'm ready to follow.
P.S. It's stupid but I take all my time to read the book, so much I didn't want to end him LOL.
Bonne journée, et surtout bonne Année ! (Have a good day, and Happy New Year !)

Jan Burke said...

Thank you so much for these kind words! I received your other comment with your email address and will be sending you a message by email later today. Happy New Year!