Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Facebook & Twitter & Emailing me directly

A few of you have asked about this, so here's the contact information:

I'm on Facebook -- Jan Burke.

I'm on Twitter. (Yes, before the recent tidal wave of celeb sign ups.) You can see my Tweets here on the blog or follow me -- Jan_Burke. You can send a message to me on Twitter using the usual Twitter commands. (@ or D)

And if you want to send me an email, puzzle this out, because if I write it out here, spammers will collect it off the blog and drive me nuts. So:
My last name
a dot
usual dot com suffix.

So the first part is Burke.TheMessenger

If you post a comment here and put your email address in your comment, I will read the comment and get back to you, but I won't make your comment public. That's to keep you from getting hassled by spammers.


Karla said...

I will look for you on FB, enjoying Bloodlines right now. Great Work!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered the Irene Kelley novels & love the series.

When will the next book be out?

I'm trying not to read them too quickly so that I don't have so long to wait for the next book - but it's terribly hard.

Thanks for the wonderful books.

Ann said...

Do get your newsletter, found you on Twitter, and am trying to complete the trifecta by finding you at FB but found to many Jan Burkes amongst the Janet, Janice Burkes.

Jan Burke said...

Thanks, all! As you can tell, I'm behind on blogging. But that's because I'm writing the book, so I'm hoping you'll accept my excuse!