Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brief notes

I hope you are planning to attend Left Coast Crime 2010 in Los Angeles next March! I'm the Guest of Honor -- along with some guy named Lee Child. You may have heard of him? Yeah, I think he's great, too. Anyway, we'll be there along with Bill Fitzhugh and lots of others, so please register now. And don't forget to sign up for the Forensic Science Day -- it's going to be so cool!

The Crime Lab Project blog is running a Death Quiz -- find out how much you really know about death investigation in the U.S. -- and then tell your friends to take the quiz. Ignoring the dead can cost us our lives.

My Web Master is as overwhelmed with work as I am, so it may be a little while before my schedule on the site shows this, but -- I'm going to have some new additions to my October schedule, including the Southern Festival of Books, October 9-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. Stay tuned for details.

Speaking of Web sites, don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but one of my nieces, Heather Cvar, is a makeup artist, and her recently updated site has some cool photos on it. You can see them at HeatherCvar.com

Artistic ability runs in the family -- her mom, my sister Sandy Cvar, will be one of the print-makers featured at the International Printing Museum's Los Angeles Printers Fair on August 29. And if you go to the Orange County Fair, look for one of Sandy's prints in the Fine Arts Professional Graphics exhibit!

That's it for now. I have a ton of stuff to post here, but it will have to wait while I work on my next book.


Sherrol said...

I just wanted to say what a great author I think you are. I went into the book store just looking for something new to read and happened to find your Irene Kelly series. Baught the first one and could not put it down. So I had to go out and get the rest of them and now I am stuck on reading all your books. Kind of worried though when I get them done cause then I will have to find something new. I know you will be one of the authors that I will keep in my list to read. Thank you again for all the great books.

Jan Burke said...

Thank you, Sherrol! Appreciate the kind words and support. Readers like you keep me going on the days when I'm beating my head against the keyboard.

Hope you continue to enjoy the books.