Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Bill Crider said...

Got it!

Michael said...

Hi Jan. Just wondering if you're going to be making an appearance at the L. A. Times Festival of Books next weekend. My sister and I enjoy your books very much and we'd like to meet you and get some books signed. Thanks.

Jan Burke said...

Hi Michael,

Sorry, no, it's a wonderful event but I won't be there this year.

Thanks so much for asking, and I hope we'll get a chance to connect either while I'm on tour next year (I usually sign books in the LA area stores)or at another event on my schedule.

I'm busy trying to finish a manuscript now, but my public appearances are always listed here:

Thanks so much for the kind support!


Louise Paziak said...

Hi Jan,
The Burbank Public Library is moving forward with promotion of "Good Night, Irene" as 1 City, 1 Book campaign. We want to make your appearance the focal point so we need to start there and hinge other programs around it. Do any of these dates fit your schedule - October 2, 9, 16, 30 or possibly Sept. 25 or Nov. 6?

Thanks so much,
Louise Paziak

Maureen Arnold said...

Are you related to James Lee Burke?

Jan Burke said...

No, I'm not a relative of Mr. Burke, although I greatly respect him. His family and extended family include a number of notable writers, among them, his daughter Alafair Burke, who also writes crime fiction.

Julie said...


You have a new fan. I picked up "Flight" and now can't wait to get the rest of the Irene Kelly novels. :)

Jan Burke said...

Thank you, Julie!! Sorry it took me so long to get your comment posted -- I'm finishing a manuscript!

All the best,

Julie said...

Thanks, Jan.

Are there to be more in the 'Irene Kelly' series?

Julie said...

I'm going to have to backtrack with your first 3 'Irene Kelly' books eventually. I've been picking them up at my library. Finished 'Hocus' last night..didn't think Irene would ever see Frank again. 'Liar' is starting off good this morning.

Joanie said...

Hello Jan, I by chance picked up "Liar" at the town's library, always looking for something new to read. It was a wonderful story except for the middle of the book between pages 129-160. Talk about a mystery!!! Every two pages were blank!! It was exciting parts too and there would be nothing...the story went on for two pages then nothing. My husband laughed every time I cursed because of the missing pages and lost parts of the story, but I finished the book anyway to find out the ending. I doubt the library has your other books but I will definitely suggest they get them and I will definitely let them know of the misprint on this book and get them to purchase a new one. I'll will check to see if you are even in Tucson or Phoenix on a book signing, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

Jan Burke said...

Wow, Joanie, you are dedicated indeed if you finished it under those conditions! Do me a favor and post the name and address of your library (phone number, too, if possible) and I'll be in touch with them to see if I can help out.

I do get to Phoenix on my book tours -- the Poisoned Pen store in Scottsdale is a favorite place to go, a mystery-lover's paradise. Hope to see you there one day!

All the best,

joanie said...

Hi Jan, I told the librarian what a fantastic Mystery your book was and showed her why...she was shocked I suggested she write to the publishing co and request a "trade". We have a program at our library called "adopt an Author" where patrons can request books and pay for them then donate to the library. Of course the patron gets the first read! It helps the library during these hard economic times and adds to their resources. I plan to participate and have them start collecting your books!
Have a great week!

Jan Burke said...

Hi Joanie,

Thank you! I appreciate the support you're giving your local library -- and to my work. If you'll let me know the library's name and address, I'll send a new copy of Liar to it with a note about our exchange here.
You can send it to me at burke.themessenger at if you'd prefer.

All the best,

Katie said...

I met you at LCC this past spring. I so enjoyed the Forensics Day and what I learned about the "Crime Lab Project" that I bought my first Irene Kelly novel there and had you sign it. I now own all of the series. I love them! Thanks for all of your efforts in writing and in helping others. I can't wait for the next one!