Saturday, December 29, 2012

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"Almost Midnight" by Grafixar from 

Collected end of the year notes...

I've posted over on the Crime Lab Project's blog, on the topic of forensic science as a local matter and the need to take action at that level.  I hope you'll take the time to read it.

I have some exciting news that I can't quite announce yet, but hope to give you near the start of the New Year.  Sorry for the tease.  Can't help myself.

January is dedicated to writing, although I will be getting out of the house a couple of times for literary events.  I am so honored and pleased to be returning to the Baker Street Irregulars and Friends Weekend in January in New York City.  Several of the events scheduled for this "annual gathering of the oldest Literary Society dedicated to Sherlock Holmes" are open to the public.

On Saturday, January 26, from 11 AM to 4 PM I'll be part of the "Mystery on the Menu Luncheon" at 
the Cerritos Library.  This event sells out quickly, so visit the library's site to purchase a ticket.

As some of you know, we lost our beloved Belgian Shepherd, Britches, at the beginning of November.  He was eighteen, which is very old for his breed, and every one of those years was one we are thankful for.  He was a big sweet, wonderful dog.

Jan with Britches as a pup. Photo by Steven Cvar.

Wylie, our younger dog, was lonely and mopey without him, and we believe that in general dogs are happier when they are in a household with at least one other dog.
Wylie ©2011 by Jan Burke

So we adopted a one-year-old shepherd mix we've named Jolie (you can hear it pronounced here) from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, a wonderful facility.  She a sweet and happy soul, and we love this new addition to our family.

Jolie ©  2012 by Jan Burke.

 One last thing before I go back to work on my manuscript -- thank you.  Thank you so much for your interest in my work, for buying the books and coming to signings and events, for telling your friends about them.  I deeply appreciate it!  I hope that 2013 brings you all the best.

4 comments: said...

Hello and a big Thank You from Germany! Thank you for all those hours of enjoyment reading your books. Now we've been waiting for almost two years for your novel "Disturbance" to be published in German. Is there any information when it will be translated, or if it ever will be translated at all? I wouldn't mind reading it in English, but since I share my books with my Mom who doesn't speak English that well, we're really looking forward to "Disturbance" being published over here. Best wishes - Barbara from Germany

Unknown said...

ms. burke - just finished "disturbance." excellent! i've been following the misadventures of irene kelly for several years and was ecstatic when i learned a new book in the series had been published. in addition to yourself, favorite authors include connelley (sp), deaver, child, cornwell and others from different genres. what attracted me most to irene's character was her job as a reporter at a small daily. that's what i did for 18 years. and i could relate to the changes and her feelings about them in the industry. if i remember correctly, didn't a source of your inspiration include a relative who worked in the newspaper business somewhere (evansville?) in indiana? anyway, thanks so much for your hard work in creating the characters and their stories. hope that another kelly book will be in the works in the future. deb saine

Jan Burke said...

Hi Barbara --

Sorry it took me so long to reply! Obviously, there is a severe case of blog neglect on my part. At present, rights to Disturbance have not yet sold in Germany, although of course I would love to have it published there, as my other books are. We'll both keep hoping!


Jan Burke said...

Hi Deb,

Thank you for your kind comments!

Yes, my uncle the late Robert Flynn wrote for the Courier & Press in Evansville for many years and is in the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame.

There will be another Irene book, although my next one is a standalone thriller. A series of short stories to be published soon will feature characters from the Irene Kelly series.

All the best,