Thursday, September 03, 2015

Crime and Science Radio

Dr. Doug Lyle and I usually host Crime and Science Radio, but in September, Hank Phillippi Ryan turns the tables and interviews us!

You'll be able to hear her interview with me on Saturday, 9/5 at 10 AM Pacific and two weeks later, she interviews Doug.  Always fun to spend time with Hank — join us!  

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Connie Schmollinger said...

Dear Ms. Burke,

I met you in St. Louis three years ago and told you that I use DEAR IRENE with my ninth-grade students in summer reading before they study mythology. I have some great paragraph "reviews" of the novel by these students and wondered if you would like to see them, privately through the mail, rather than on public posts for privacy for my students.


Connie Schmollinger
Villa Duchesne School