Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kidnapped Part 1 (Warning: possible spoilers)

For those who've waited for more information about Kidnapped, here's a bit of plot. If you hate all spoilers, skip this post entirely!

Kidnapped opens as the killer of Richard Fletcher is cleaning up the crime scene. The victim was a graphic artist — and a son of Graydon Fletcher.

Graydon Fletcher is famous in Las Piernas. Over the years, he and his late wife adopted twenty-one children and cared for countless others. They founded a highly regarded private school. As adults, the Fletchers have prospered. Many of the Fletcher children and grandchildren have gone on to be successful in business, law, medicine and other professions. They are often leaders in their community.

Richard Fletcher was somewhat estranged from them.

Several hours after the murder Richard’s son, high school student Caleb Fletcher, is called from class and told of his father's death. Detective Frank Harriman also informs him that his little sister — Jenny Fletcher, just shy of her fourth birthday — is missing from the scene. Caleb's fervent hope is that his older half-brother, Mason, who is devoted to Jenny, stopped by earlier in the day and picked her up before his dad was killed. But no one knows where Mason is, either.

When Mason is found hours later, there's plenty of evidence to indicate he killed his stepfather. Jenny is nowhere to be found.

Caleb watches helplessly as Mason is brought to trial and found guilty of murdering Richard and Jenny.


Louise Ure said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jan. I'll check in on you here regularly! And you already have me hooked wth these snippets about KIDNAPPED!

Jan Burke said...

Louise! How good to hear from you!

Thanks for the kind words. See you at Bouchercon?

Louise Ure said...

Yes, ma'am. I'll be at Bouchercon. First one in line to get KIDNAPPED signed.