Saturday, May 20, 2006


I'm tempted to begin by talking about some of my favorite blogs and Web sites — Post Secret, for example, where the confessional goes postal, and gems like the one here are displayed one week at a time — and to ask you to tell me about your favorites. The Internet is our friend, right? Well, if not always, most of the 24/7.

Oscar Wilde once said, "I can resist everything but temptation." (Did you know that dead people can have official Web sites? That link will take you to Mr. Wilde's. Way ahead of his time.) In this case, I'll resist temptation for a little while. Not too long, I promise.

For those of you who've come here through my Web site or newsletter, I do owe you news, so let's start with that and hope to branch out from there. If you were reading the message boards on my Web site before I had to get rid of them, you realize that the discussions here might range from Helms Bakery trucks to chickens to astronomy and beyond.

Kidnapped, the next Irene Kelly book, will be out in October, 2006.

I'll be touring in these cities, details yet to come:

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

I'll also be at Bouchercon 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin. Stay tuned for other additions to the schedule.

Next post: more about Kidnapped.


Karen said...


I was very excited to read of about your new blogs. I admire you and love your books. I also want to thank you for being truly interested in your readers.



Diana said...

Ah I can't wait for Kidnapped to be released! And I will definitely be attending your stop in Portland. You've been my favorite author for quite a few years now, thanks again!!

Lyndsey said...

Great to have you back Jan! The new blog looks great! I've got a quote for you, 'I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming like the passengers in his car!' I always loved that one.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I have missed your message boards and was shocked and dismayed to see it gone! This is fantastic news on your upcoming "Kidnapped" Novel. I'm eagerly awaiting it's release and updates about it from you.

matriarch3 said...

Awwww please come east sometime in Pittsburgh, Pa. would certainly welcome you. Borders Book Sellers is my bid for your appearance. The east is lovely this time of year...not as hot as southern states....come on, come on East...

Jan said...

Karen, thanks. Without the readers, a book is only half complete -- your imaginations take what's on the page and fashion that into something new.

Jan said...

Thanks, Diana! See you in Portland!


Jan said...

Lyndsey, that's a classic. Good to hear from you again!


Jan said...

Thanks -- I was dismayed when we had to take the boards down. The things we have to do to avoid spam!

Jan said...

I'd love to return to Pittsburgh. Probably won't be out that way for this book -- but you never know! I get requests off the regular tour schedule -- for speaking engagements, added stores, or when I'm in a city for a conference -- so keep checking back here.


Julie Rivera said...

Youhave to come to the Huntington Beach, CA Barnes and Noble. Have you seen the "new look" of the mall? Not quite as homey as before, but all is forgotten once inside B & N. "Looking forward to KIDNAPPED.


Chiclet said...

Hi Jan! Your blog is really cool. Looking forward to Kidnapped coming out, the cover looks great.
By the way, can we order all your books in hardcover or are the older books still no longer available? I had bookshelves built in to one wall so that I could collect all my favorite writer's books in hardcover. Naturally you are on the top of my list.

Jan said...

Hi Julie,

I haven't had a chance to go through the new B&N in Huntington Beach yet, but the staff and customers there have always been really supportive. Sometimes when my schedule says "Los Angeles," it really means LA, OC, and even part of Ventura County, so HB is a possibility.


Jan said...

Hi Chiclet --

Generally speaking, a hardcover edition is more difficult to find after the paperback edition is issued.

Bloodlines is still available in hardcover, but may be harder to find in a few months.

However, some mystery bookstores specialize in carrying the earlier hardcovers of authors. Those will usually be in good-to-like-new condition and sometimes they'll be signed first editions. You may pay more for a book like that.

You can also find them in used bookstores, at,,, and other sites that sell used and out-of-print books online.

Good luck, and thanks for the kind words about the blog!


Christine said...


I really enjoy your books. I especially appreciate that Irene is independent, yet can maintian a normal, healthy relationship with her husband. Refreshing!

Happy to see you are coming to Madison, WI! An absolutely fabulous restaurant downtown is Cafe Continential. I highly recommend it.

Jan Burke said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you!
Thanks also for the restaurant recommendation -- that's going into the Palm T|X right now!


Candice & Paul said...

It's good to see you 'up and running' though confess to a anti-blog bias. It's not the BLOGs per-se (love them) but the term sounds like something I'd have to scrape from the soles of my shoes before coming indoors.
We're always looking forward to your next new book and visits to Seattle. Port Angeles isn't that far away, but have you ever considered doing a signing in Victoria, BC, Canada -- Just a ferry-ride away! Candice & Paul

Jan said...

Hi Candice & Paul --
Good to hear from you! Perhaps blog has limited appeal as a word, and undoubtedly all of us have read blogs and thought that the poster should have done something else with his/her time that day. But on the whole, I'm happy to have this way to be back in touch with readers.

Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.


Kent Morgan said...


Just came across your new blog and thought I would check in from Manitoba Moose country. We lost touch since your team disappeared.

Keith said...

Hi, Jan!

Jan said...

Kent, it's good to hear from you, even if the Ice Dogs joined another league. How are things going for the Moose?

My husband has returned to his "huff and puff" league after being out with an injury for about a year. So he's a happy camper.


Jan said...

Hi, Keith!

Evil E said...

Hi, Jan!
Welcome to blogger world! So good to know all of us fans now have another chance to chat with you. I had to take my interactive off as well-same problem-spammers.

Can't wait for Kidnapped! You know I've been a big Irene Kelly fan for years.

Jan Burke said...

Hi Evil E!

Sorry to hear you had the same problem with spammers. I can't decide who irritates me more, spammers, or idiots who respond to spammers, thereby rewarding their behavior.

But now that I've been here a few days, I see that the blog has a few more possibilities -- features not easily available on the boards.

Thanks for visiting -- and for the support!


Craig Reed said...

Jan - just recently got into reading blogs; my favorite so far is by a waiter in the New York City area

Jan Burke said...

Thanks for letting me know about that one, Craig -- as a former waitress, I have a feeling I'll be able to relate to that one.

Thanks also for stopping by!