Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

Support World AIDS Day

I've lost several friends to AIDS.

I hope you'll never have to write that same sentence.

But I also hope that even if you don't know anyone who is HIV positive, you'll contribute to the fight against AIDS, that you'll become informed about this deadly but preventable disease, and that you'll take prevention measures seriously.


GeekyDad said...

Just reminded me wiht this blog entry of a Documentary I saw on IFC channel one morning. It's just a theory but it's an interesting one. Basiclaly, says that we kinda started the whole AID's epidemic when we tried to enockulate Polio. Don't know if it's totally true but it is interesting.

Anyhow, wanted to say thanks for at least reminding people. I think some people love to use the whole AID's maybe when they appose gay marriage. I hear alot of people saying "well they spread AIDS". I don't think that is true. And, full of crap. But, I think that is the only time I do hear AIDS being discussed. Or, really if it's in a high school setting. Which *I'm 5 years out of high school* in high school I remember so many saying "don't worry if you get it there is a pill for it. A pill for everything". Which there isn't.

But, I guess what saying is we as a nation maybe have forgotten about it. Which is always when you forget you generally have something bad to remind you you'r not exactly invicible. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 proved that. Were not immune to the world and it's problems. Thanks for helping reminding people.

Jan Burke said...

Hi Aaron,
Thanks -- you really bring up some great points.
I remember hearing that polio vaccine theory, too. There was a book out called "The River" that talked about the theory. But as far as I know, it's all circumstantial, not hard evidence. And you made me curious enough to look around for articles on it, and I came across this one
which seems to indicate that the first forms of the virus must have been around before the 1959 vaccines.
I think scientists are now pretty sure that it crossed from monkeys or chimpanzees to human beings, just like ebola and Marburg, also deadly.
People are true fools if they think a pill can cure AIDS. AIDS is fatal. Being HIV positive may be a condition that can be lived with with the help of drugs, but talk to someone who is HIV positive and you'll learn that it is no picnic -- and it's far more than one pill. It has all kinds of negative impact on a person's life.
According to the CDC, 78% of women in the US who are HIV positive got the disease from having sex with a man. And although African-Americans make up 12% of the US population, in 2004 they made up half of the cases diagnosed.
You are so right about people who blame gays for spreading AIDS. It's just hate finding another way to talk. I suppose these are the same kind of idiots who really just don't care aout what's happening in Africa -- or anywhere outside their own neighborhood.
And yes, we do need to stay awake about this issue!