Monday, June 11, 2007

Sisters in Crime LA/Downey Library

Had a wonderful time this weekend, speaking at the Downey Library's Friends of the Library event and at the "No Crime Unpublished" conference sponsored by the LA Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Both groups generously contributed to the CLP Foundation. I especially appreciate all the LA Sisters in Crime folks did for their raffle.

Those of you who are interested in forensic science should definitely sign up for Sisters in Crime's Forensic University -- after June 15th the cost of registration increases.


Barb said...

Hi Jan –

I’m a fellow writer in the TV end of things, and I’d love to find out if the rights to the Irene Kelley novels are available for TV development. If, of course, that’s anything you’d be interested in seeing happen.

Please feel free to point me in the direction of your management or to reach me directly via email to “run804” on

Either way, thanks for all the great characters and stories… and, as a German Shepherd person who’s presently between dogs (and not in a warm-furry way), thanks for making the pups (and Cody!) essential characters, too.

Barb Mackintosh

Jan Burke said...

Hi Barb --
Appreciate the interest. My TV/film agent is Joel Gotler at Intellectual Property Group.

Here's hoping you get a great pooch in your life again!


Barb said...

Thanks Jan!

I was with IPG's TV lit management arm for a bit, and it was actually Josh Schechter there who turned me on to your work. I'll give Joel a call.

Thanks again,


Lee Lofland said...

Jan. It was great seeing you again at the SinC conference in L.A., and as always, it was a pleasure to join you for another panel discussion.

Jan Burke said...

Likewise, Lee! Spending time with you and Doug Lyle is always a blast!