Friday, June 15, 2007

what is otherwise occupying my time

aside from writing, is teaching. The class has nearly completed its first week, so I'm just getting the hang of balancing this among all other objects juggled. May not see me here quite so often as a result!


Spaceboy said...

Hey Jan,

Finished "Sweet Dreams, Irene". Very nice. Kept me up reading.
For some reason, I can't seem to find a copy of "Dear Irene" anywhere around here.
Thank God for Amazon. is in print, isn't it??

- Spaceboy

Jan Burke said...

Yes, all my books are still in print. Any bookstore should have been able to order it for you if they didnt have it in stock.
Glad you liked Sweet Dreams, Irene!


Danny said...

so how long have you been writing. I love your books every one of them keep me reading i am reading "Dear Irene" now. So far i am, as always, not disappointed. Thanx for your time and effort in your writings. We are all blessed to have you :).

Jan Burke said...

Thanks for the very kind words, Danny!

I started saying I wanted to be a writer around the age of seven. But I didn't seriously start working on a novel until late in 1989. Put it aside for about six months, then got back to it. That book -- Goodnight, Irene -- was sold to Simon & Schuster in 1991 and was published in 1993.


Anonymous said...


I havn't read any of your books but I want to read bones and kidnapped but I need to know for what ages