Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Audio Books!

Exciting News! Audio Books!

Many of you have asked me if there will ever be a book on tape or other audio version of my books. I'm pleases to announce that Recorded Books is offering the first of the Irene Kelly books in unabridged form, read by Eliza Foss.

Goodnight, Irene will be available June 30th. You can order now. The recording will be available on both cassette and CD, and can be rented or purchased. See the Recorded Books Web site for more information.


RbeforeE said...

Yay!!! My order is in! I LOVE being read to. (um, wait, er I love to being read? being to read? ugh. That is why YOU are the writer and I am the reader)

Jan Burke said...

Yes, I'm the writer who had a glaring typo in the first version of this post.

Glad you ignored that and hope you'll like the recorded version!


Anonymous said...

This is your latest blog, so I guess I can comment here. (Never done this before)
I am reading BLOODLINES, have come to the part where the baby is kidnapped, and the nursemaid is killed. Now, what to my surprise, do I see? The name of that nurse!How did you come to use that particular name? Where did you find it? I have seen variations:Hanon, Hannan, but never Hannon. To top it off, her first name is Rose! I presume you can guess why I am asking.
I love your books.

JenniRam said...

I am SO excited. I picked up Bloodlines about 2 weeks ago at the local library to read during a road trip. I am now 100% addicted!!! I finished Bloodlines in 2 days and have since read 6 others. I work out at the gym a couple mornings a week and yesterday I had this wonderful idea of downloading your audiobooks into my ipod. I might just make it to the gym a bit more often (my out-of-shape butt is really going to thank you for that!). Anyway, just hopped online to your website to see if I could get your books in the audio format and lookie-lookie! So excited. Just one request, keep on writing, Lady, cuz I just don't know what I'm going to do with myself once I'm finished reading all your books! Lastly, there is a wonderful independent bookstore in Ashland, Oregon called Bloomsbury Books. My mom recently retired from co-managing it for 15 years. (We owned another independent bookstore called Rivendell, in Placervill, CA [between Sacramento & South Lake Tahoe]for 10 years before that.) Bloomsbury is a wonderful store, with a very fat, lovable Cody-like cat named Orlando that I rescued from the animal shelter, and a relaxing coffee and home-baked goody corner upstairs. If you're ever traveling on up I-5 N, Ashland is the first town over the CA /OR border. Bloomsbury is smack downtown. You should pop in. Thanks for the entertainment. You rock, Girl!

Jan Burke said...

Hi Rosemary --

Sorry to take so long to reply -- as you can see from the posts above, I've been traveling.

As for the name in Bloodlines -- just a coincidence. Until you so kindly introduced yourself here, I knew no one of that name.

Hope you enjoy the book -- I really appreciate the support!


Jan Burke said...

Dear Jenniram,

So glad to meet this particular kind of addict! Thank you!

If my audiobooks can help you make it through a workout, hooray -- I am trying to make it to the gym more often myself. Maybe we can make some sort of pact...

I am still writing. I just finished a book that is not within the series and I am already at work on a new Irene Kelly novel. More about all of this in future posts.

I would love to stop by Bloomsbury Books. It sounds wonderful!

All the best,