Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Oddities of the Day

A school crossing guard holding a long conversation on a cell phone.  While holding up the sign, etc....Parents, don't you feel great about that?

A teaser for a local television news broadcast.  I swear this is what they actually said:
"We'll show you where an albino moose was spotted...."


Denise said...

Hi Jan,
I have been a fan for a few years now. I actually finished reading bloodlines while in the hospital ready to deliver my last baby. When are you going to have a new Irene Kelly book out? I have been waiting patiently.
Denise from Cameron's Corner

Jan Burke said...

Hi Denise!

Thanks for the kind comment -- I appreciate the longterm support!

As for new books -- I'm going to post news about all of that here very soon. Just waiting for word from my publisher on dates, etc.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I love the Irene Kelly books. Please continue to write them.
You a great author.
Fred Sova
Auburn NY

Jan Burke said...

Thank you, Fred! Although The Messenger is not an Irene Kelly book, I'm at work on a new Irene book now.