Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gaza Protests in Westwood Result in Cancellation of Today's Mystery Bookstore Signing

Sometimes the best laid plans must be laid aside --

Today I had two signings planned for The Messenger. I had just left Mysteries to Die For after a great signing there in Thousand Oaks and started down the 101 freeway, when I got a call from Bobby, the manager of the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood. Because of a large number of protesters at the nearby Federal Building and on some of the streets of Westwood, law enforcement had blocked freeway exits to the area and all of the surface streets leading into Westwood Village, so he asked to cancel the signing. Another author had been unable to reach the store, and Bobby felt sure I wouldn't be able to get to the store from outside Westwood.

Bobby later kindly brought preordered books to my house, and I signed them for any of you who had requested them. I also signed some stock for those who order books or come by the store after today.

I hope none of you were caught in the heavy traffic or frustrated in trying to get to the store, and also apologize to the two fans in Westwood who apparently managed to get the store. I hope I'll see you at another local event.


carla said...

Ms. Burke,
This is off topic, but I have only recently discovered your books, and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading them. One advantage to finding an author late is that you can read through the books back-to-back. I'm now caught up and can't wait for the next "Irene" novel!

The main reason for my post is that I recently saw an episode of the Canadian TV show "DaVinci's Inquest". The episode was called "Reality" and was so similar to your book "Bones" that I was surprised when I saw no mention of your book or name in the credits. Of course they run those things by so fast, it's possible that I missed it..... I just wondered if they did in fact credit you for the story? It was an older show and you may have discussed this in a previous blog, but I was just was so similar. Do TV shows often borrow from novels for their episode ideas? Have any of your other novels been used as TV fodder?

Sorry for the long post. Can't wait for the next book.

Jan Burke said...

Thanks for writing to me. Don't worry about asking a question or making a comment on another topic -- I use this blog as a way to hold discussions with readers.

I haven't seen the show you're talking about, but no, there was no sale of the rights to the book. I can't really comment without knowing more about the show, but appreciate knowing about it.

Thank you for your support!