Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CSULB Library

This post is a test -- I've had a really odd message from Google on my blog's dashboard, so I'm not sure the blog is working.

Had a wonderful day today at the CSULB Library. Saw ORCA, its automated system for retrieving books and journals not kept in the usual stacks -- amazing, something almost out of science fiction. And the high-tech Spidell Center within the library is a great way for students to be able to use computers and search online for information. In a hundred other ways, the space has been opened up, made airier and brighter. There were lots of students there, making use of its resources.

There are many other plans, all of which will benefit the students, and I hope funding comes through for them. So if you're also a 49er -- one of CSULB's alumni -- consider a gift to the University Library. Visit it and you'll see they're making good use of the funds.

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