Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A brief intro and spoiler warning

The idea for Kidnapped came to me while I was working on Bloodlines. I'll talk more about this in the near future, but for now, I'll tell you that I was surprised to learn how many children (in the U.S.) are reported missing each year. Abductions by non-custodial parents accounted for a large number of these, though far from all. How were these children continually hidden from view?

Really, how hard would it be...?

I’d never ask my neighbors to prove that their children, who often didn't really resemble either parent, were related to them. Except in small towns and rural areas, how well do any of us know the families who surround us?

So...those questions started me on the path to Kidnapped, a path that had other twists and turns along the way.

Kidnapped is an Irene Kelly novel, told in two parts.

The first part of Kidnapped takes place about six years before the second part. The central crime in the book occurs in the first section.

The second part takes place very near the time (in series time!) when Bloodlines ends. If you have been paying close attention, that's the year 2000.

For those who've waited for more information about Kidnapped, the next two posts will contain a bit of plot. If you hate all spoilers, skip the next two posts, "Kidnapped Part I" and "Kidnapped Part II."


Anonymous said...

I am currently reading Bloodlines. I am enjoying it very much, and I can't wait to finish to start reading Kidnapped.
I thank you so much because you are the one who got me on the reading path. Ever since I read Goodnight, Irene, I've been hooked to your books, and a few other mystery books. Thank you again!!

Jan Burke said...

Dear Malu,
Thank you so much for posting this! I am so happy to hear that you've enjoyed my books! And I'm really happy to know that you are "on the reading path." (I am writing that lovely phrase on a post-it note as soon as I log off the computer.) There are so many wonderful destinations to be reached along that path.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan.
Just wondering...do you ever make it down to the Miami area for book signings??

Jan Burke said...

Hi Malu,
Oh yes! I was as close as Coral Gables for Kidnapped in October. Sorry we missed each other then, but on the Schedule page of my Web site, you can learn where I'll be on the next tour, or if I'm coming to your area for a speaking engagement or other events.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan.
I just now finished reading Bloodlines. It was fantastic!!!
The ending made me cry. But at least everything turned out ok. :) I can't wait to start reading Kidnapped. On your schedule page, it doesn't look like you'll be making it down to Florida.
Hopefully you will soon though.
~ Malu

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should inform NCMEC about "Kidnapped" ?

Obviously your book could make NCMEC more known ?

Your link to its site does not open up any information (anymore).

If you want to actualize it,




should do the job.

Wonderful book, btw.