Friday, May 26, 2006

Kidnapped Part 2 (Warning: possible spoilers)

Five years later, Caleb is a graduate student in forensic anthropology, training as an assistant to Professor Ben Sheridan. [Whom you met in Bones.] He's still convinced that Mason is innocent and that Jenny is alive. He finds an unexpected ally in a friend of Ben's — reporter Irene Kelly.

Irene has been writing stories about the abduction of children by their non-custodial parents. She's been getting calls all morning from readers, including people like Jane Serre. Two years ago her former spouse, Gerald Serre, picked up their young son, Luke, from day care for a scheduled weekend visit — and never brought him back.

Irene is later sent to a scene where Ben and Caleb are recovering the remains of a murder victim — and is shocked to learn that the victim is Gerald Serre. But if Gerald Serre is dead, what has become of Luke? Irene is determined to find out.


Dennis Berry said...

Wow. I am excited already and curious.

Jan Burke said...

Thank you, Dennis!

Malu said...

Hi Jan.
I finished Kidnapped today. I read it in 2 days and I absolutely loved it!!! Are there anymore Irene Kelly Novels to come?

Jan said...

Hi Malu!

I'm so glad you liked it! Yes, I will be writing another Irene Kelly book -- but it won't be out for a while, because the next book is something outside the series, a standalone.

If you want to read a couple of short stories with Irene in them, you can find them in 18.


Jennifer said...

I am getting very close to the end now, page 290. I am getting very anxious to see how it all unfolds and specifically who this Cleo turns out to be. Well, I am sure it will be a shocker!

Do you plan on making any of your books into movies?

Jan Burke said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks -- I hope you enjoy it to the end.

As for movie plans, Nine was optioned, but I don't think it's likely there will be a film version of an Irene Kelly book anytime soon.