Monday, June 26, 2006

A few dates for the tour

I don't have the full schedule yet, and this is just a partial list, but for those wondering when I'll be traveling to their part of the U.S. to sign Kidnapped in October and early November, here are a few probable dates and places:

Wisconsin (in Madison
for Bouchercon) 9/28-10/1
California 10/3-10/10
Washington (State, not D.C.) 10/15-10/16
Colorado 10/18-10/19
Arizona 10/20 -10/21
Texas 10/29
Alabama 10/30
Georgia 10/31
Florida 11/2 -11/4

Photo above by Peter Dell.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Looks like you'll be keeping busy Jan. I might be in BC in mid-October around the time you're in Washington state, actually. Fingers crossed...

Jan Burke said...

I'll keep mine crossed, too!