Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've added a bunch of links to the sidebar today, ones that will take you to other blogs.

I also put a new seat on a toilet and transplanted an amaryllis. (No, not to the toilet.) None of which you may care about. You may not care about (or for) what you're likely to find on every one of the blogs, either.

We must both try to be strong about this and not let it come between us...

I think it's likely you'll enjoy at least some of these, though, so be adventurous. You may find something that really appeals to you. I just bought a book based on reading Cornelia Read's contributions to Naked Authors.

If you are a writer working toward your first publication, I highly recommend you take a look at the Writer Beware Blog and Miss Snark.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to work on my manuscript. Beats the hell out of toilet repair work. Most days.

Photo above: "Rusty Chain" by Kenn Kiser, from

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