Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good News

You've probably seen the words "liquid" and "explosives" together more often than you'd like in the last few days, so maybe you were understandably distracted and missed some good news. It was in the New York Times a couple of days ago, about the time the latest plot was uncovered. "Prognosis Grows Brighter for Barbaro," by Joe Drape, was in the sports pages on 8/10/06, and talks about a change for the better in the Kentucky Derby winner's recovery.

I imagine that at this point in the post, there are several possible responses by my readers. One is shared happiness. Another is a sense that I must have my priorities completely out of whack to include a story about a horse in the same paragraph as mention of a plot that could have killed thousands of people. A few of you may be convinced I have a gambling problem.

For this the last group, I hate to disappoint those of you who are experiencing glee over what you suppose to be the discovery of one of my vices -- but don't feel dejected, just stay tuned, because plenty of other real vices may be revealed along the way. Alas, I seldom get to the races more than once or twice a year, and I'm such an awful handicapper, I take rather paltry sums of money with me -- even if you add in my lunch money -- with no expectation that I'll leave with any of it. I still have lots of fun. Like many other fans, I simply love to watch these magnificient animals run. Excitement at a racetrack goes well beyond what happens at a betting window. You either get it or you don't.

I don't expect that people in the second group understand why Seabiscuit sold so many copies, either. Or, for that matter, why people read the funny papers yesterday. For my part, when you allow your enjoyment of life to be robbed from you by the jerks of this world, you give them something they don't deserve. If you fail to find hope where it is offered, that is something to be pitied indeed.

As for my answer to the plotters, I'm getting on a plane as soon as possible -- so screw you.

The rest of you, rejoice where you may! And all the best to Barbaro and those who care for and about him.


Kent Morgan said...

Hey, Jan, get on a plane. I was sitting in a London hotel room Thursday morning drinking a coffee when I heard about the arrest of the terrorists. Jumped on the Underground a few minutes later to go book hunting on Charing Cross Road. Then flew out of Gatwick Friday which was quite an experience. We were checked four times before getting on the plane and then spent four hours sitting on the tarmac. It took about 24 hours from the time we left our London hotel to arrive home in Winnipeg via Minneapolis. Just before we got on the plane in London, Northwest told us that we could take a book, magazine or newspaper on-board providing that it was purchased in the area of the gate and we could produce a receipt. Not much selection so I read Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer.

Kent Morgan

Sandra Ruttan said...

Jan has vices?

I'm just so surprised.

Jan said...

Hey there, Kent -- glad you made it home safely, even if it was a PITA to get through the security arrangements. And although I haven't had a chance to read Mike Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer, I hear nothing but good things about it.

Sorry to take so long to respond -- I have been preparing for travels, and some cosmic buzzer seems to alert everyone who has some urgent need of a bio or photo or -- you name it -- to contact me just before I leave. So I've fallen behind on things over the last two days.

Hope you had a great time in London, other than the travel snags.

Jan said...

Sandy, I'm afraid it's true.

Well, no, I'd be more afraid if it wasn't true....