Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Orleans Katrina Relief Issue Of EQMM

Janet Hutchings, editor of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, tells me that there is now a live link for ordering the New Orleans Katrina relief issue of EQMM, which I previously mentioned here.

So for less than the price of most anthologies, you get to read stories by some of the genre's finest short story writers, many with connections to the Big Easy, and learn more about relief efforts in the area -- the advertising space in the magazine is donated to Katrina relief organizations, including Bridge House, the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans, Covenant House, Habitat for Humanity, Reader to Reader, Inc., Save the Children, and the Volunteers of America.

A single copy of this issue of the magazine is $3.99+ shipping charges. To learn more, click here.


Sandra Ruttan said...

Are they selling this issue in stores as well? I really should get a copy...

Jan said...

Love the new photo, Sandra!
I don't know how many stores sell EQMM, but they do make online ordering pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

We met briefly at Bouchercon, where I monitored the "Get it Right" panel (across the street and down the stairs). As part of an ongoing detemination to get to know the people I meet at conferences, I connected you with Bloodlines and read it on the way home.

I used to just enjoy books-until I started writing them myself. Now I find that I either pick them apart, irritated by an author's lame devices, or experience extreme jealousy when I can't. Bloodlines falls into the latter category, and I'm very, very envious.

What great characters! People I fall in love with, warts and all, people I cheer for and don't want to leave when the last page is read. Great, great job!!

Jan said...

Thanks for the kind words about Bloodlines -- and here's hoping our paths cross again soon.