Friday, January 26, 2007

Finders Keepers

The easiest way for me to lose a bunch of stuff all at once is to clean the house for company. So I'm still looking for objects lost in December.

But my husband has made sure that I no longer lose my keys or my purse somewhere within my own home. Hunting them down has, on occasion, taken a great deal of time. But now, for all those people who set down groceries, bring the dogs back inside, answer the phone while putting away frozen foods, have to look up something on e-mail for the person on the phone, and then can't the keys a day later....there's this marvy gizmo!

And oh yes, I've used it already!


Cornelia Read said...

I clip my keys to my beltloop with a carabiner (cari?). Learned long ago that I am not meant to carry a purse, since they flee from me as though we carry opposite magnetic charges (a la those little scotty/westy toy dogs you used to be able to buy in truckstop coin-op machines, alongside "unbreakable" combs). If an object doesn't fit in my pockets, it stays home.

My sister bought me a purse for my birthday a few years ago. It's bright yellow, "so you can't possibly lose it." It lives on a side table in our living room.

Of course on the rare occasions when I have to wear a dress, I'm completely hosed.

I STILL want one of these FOFAs, though!

Jan said...

Cornelia, your method sounds so good, but I'm afraid if I tried it I would then be unable to locate my pants.

Congrats again on the Edgar nomination!