Monday, January 29, 2007

I did tell you I was born in Texas, right?

The photo above is one of the reasons why I haven't been here much over the past few days. For a project involving my alma mater, CSULB, I was asked to scan and submit a few photos from childhood to present day.

This, in its turn, required access to the distant part of my garage (a distance measured in density of obstacles, and on that scale, think Everest), an area which might possibly house old photos. Of course, I checked there only after dismantling a couple of storage possibilities within the house. I did find some photos in the house, and I have decided that nothing can slow a person down like finding old photos. Just hard to flip past pictures of fondly remembered people, places, and events.

So, the scaling of Mt. Burke-Garage had a side benefit -- we now have about 20 boxes of books to take to the library, and another pile of to-be-donated goods that will probably go to Goodwill. Oh, and you can now walk from the front to the back of the garage without turning sideways or doing the limbo. Today I broke through to the photo section and found enough useable material to scan and send on to the university.

I'm going to be getting ready for events in Seattle, so you probably won't hear from me unless I get a chance to post from the convention. Hope to see some of you at Left Coast Crime!


Kent Morgan said...

Jan, don't make him donate any old hockey sweaters. Whenever I see them in thrift stores I always know it's the woman in the family who got rid of them. As for old photos, I'm trying to identify some players on a minor hockey team in The Pas in northern Manitoba where I went to school. I won't admit how long ago that was. So let him keep the team photos. I wish I had some of mine. By the way, it's 50 below with the wind chill here in Winnipeg this morning.

Jan Burke said...

Kent, good to hear from you! I suppose if it's that cold there, you've bundled up and put on a long-sleeved t-shirt.

The old hockey gear and clothing doesn't get touched. I leave it in there to keep insect and rodent life out of the garage -- nothing can live for long once it comes within a 100-ft radius of the hockey stuff.

Kent Morgan said...


Spent yesterday in my basement helping pull down a corner storage cabinet and moving stuff out of the way in preparation for the installation of a new gas frunace on Wednesday. They have to drill through the concrete for a outlet as they don't use the chimney theses days. Should be a good day to have the heat off as yesterday was even colder than Saturday and it's not warming up.

It's amazing what I found down there. I've been hunting for framed photo of my slo-pitch team for many years and it turned up. Also found a Beta version of my favorite hockey movie of all-time, Paperback Hero, with Keir Dullea and Elizabeth Ashley. Even you might ask how I could misplace, read forget about, a framed collection of Winnipeg Jets World Hockey Association pins that measures 24" wide and 40" deep. It was hidden behind my Big Hit baseball pinball machine, which my furnace installer is interested in taking a part payment for labour. If he does, I can gain access to my collection of Playboys and other magazines. You Californians do know about basement and furnaces don't you?

Jan Burke said...

Kent, believe it or not, there are basements in some houses out here. I suspect most in Southern California were built before the 1933 earthquake, and by people from other parts of the country who just couldn't imagine living in a house without one.

As for furnaces, climate varies so much all over the state, but in the relatively small part of the state that makes up Los Angeles we do get cold weather now and then. I mention one of our most famous cold snaps in Bloodlines, when there was snow in Downtown Los Angeles in April.
We're having a really strange winter this year -- very cold (for us, tanning weather for you). In LA it got down to 37 F (just under 3 C) two weeks ago. A few days ago, it was 89 F (almost 32 C).

Anyway, I forwarded a copy of your comment to Tim, and he is now determined to see Paperback Hero.
Congrats on the recovery of the Playboys. Hope none of the girls mildewed.