Monday, March 26, 2007

Goodbye Bloodstains, Hello Biohazards

Ever see the old movie Car Wash? Did my asking that make that Rose Royce song go through your head? For a couple hours? Sorry about that.

I thought of it today when I read a story from the 3/26/07 issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer, "Bloody mess no crime scene."

It tells about the custodian at the Mr. Spotless Car Wash finding a big bunch of blood and bloodstained material near the vacuums. Understandably, he or she called the police.

Turns out a woman drove a friend (who had been injured in a fight) to the hospital, and after driving someone else around, decided to stop by the car wash and clean the blood out her car. I am curious to know how this was figured out, but the article doesn't give details.

The song says "you never know who you'll meet working at the car wash." Apparently you never know what you'll meet, either. Be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your books, have read them all. The message has nothing to do with topic, but here I go. Since I love your books, would like to be able to share them with a non-reader, but a listener. Only problem is, cannot find audio books. Any possibility they will ever be available on any audio format, ie cassette, CD or eaudio?

Thanks, Mickee

Jan Burke said...

Hi Mickee,
Thank you! Don't worry about the topic -- this blog exists so that I can communicate with my readers.

You've hit upon one of my biggest frustrations. Except for books available through the Talking Book Library and similar services, only audio available is for a couple of short stories. If your non-reader is dyslexic or has a vision impairment, you can use those services, but otherwise, no, there are not commercially available audio editions of my books.

My agent is working on this problem. I will keep you updated here on any changes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan

Thank you for the response. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!