Friday, March 23, 2007

More About the Tommy Bowman Case

Kenneth Todd Ruiz of the Pasadena Star News wrote several stories that appeared in local papers this week about the new progress in the investigation of Tommy Bowman's disappearance, the case I talked about in a post here yesterday.

"Caltrans documents may lead to bodies" tells of new efforts to search CalTrans archives for information about freeway construction sites where convicted child killer Mack Ray Edwards worked. He was known to bury victims near those freeways. If you click on that link, also take time to watch "Disappearance of Tommy Bowman," a video interview with Weston DeWalt.

Another story,"Author sought closure for family of missing RB boy " gives more background on DeWalt's investigation, which has resulted in new leads in the case. (RB is an abbreviation for Redondo Beach, California, where Tommy's family lived at the time of his disappearance.)

Today, the 50th anniversary of Tommy's disappearance, a story about Tommy's father and family, "After 50 years, father still mourns," was published.

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Anonymous said...

Fifty years ago, I was an eight-year-old living in the Meadows, a small community above Altadena. My home was practically on the lip of upper Arroyo Seco Canyon. I remember sitting at the canyon's edge watching the search team clad in orange vests and caps move through the canyon looking for Tommy Bowman. Tommy's inexplicable disappearance stuck with me over the years. It's good to hear there may finally be some closure on this for his family.