Thursday, October 25, 2007

Event Cancelled

Unfortunately, the air quality and other wildfire-related problems in San Diego County have led to the cancellation of this year's Step Out event to benefit the ADA, so we won't be in San Diego this weekend after all. I hope you'll still show your support for the organization, though. Most of all, I hope you'll become educated about diabetes and pre-diabetes, and get your blood glucose tested!

Again, to all affected by the fires, our thoughts are with you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Living through Katrina makes my heart hurt for those in California who have lost lives, loved ones, homes and sometimes hope. The grief does not disappear with the extinguishing of the last flame. Neither will the positive thoughts we send your way.
Jan, I met you in Louisiana a number of years ago at a Writers' Guild of Acadiana conference in Lafayette. I don't know if you remember but I bought one of your books the first day and went back and bought one of every book you had with you. I now have a nice collection and have turned several of my friends into fans of Irene. You told me at the time when I finished my novel to contact you and you might be able to help. I have not persumed to do so until I feel like fate intervened. I am in the process of sending out queries and found an agent that listed 6 recent sales--four of whom were in my favorite list of authors. You were there. If you feel there is anyway you can help a struggling author and fantastic fan please contact me at

If I recall correctly you might live in California. If that is true, I do so hope you and Irene are safe.

Anonymous said...

g fan of your novels, Hello Ms. Burke!
I'm a big fan of your novels; I read Kidnapped as soon as it came out! Can you tell us when you next novel, whether it's about Irene Kelly or not, be coming out?
~Amy Sullivan