Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where I've been, where I'll be

I've been kept busy and away from the blog by real life and writing, but here are a couple of places I hope to see some of you soon!

Surrey International Writers Conference, October 19-21 (in British Columbia).

Sisters in Crime's Forensic University in St. Louis, November 1-4.

Just got back from travel with my folks to watching one my nephews play football. Sheldon's nine. He lives in Texas, and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a place that takes the game more seriously. That said, everyone seemed to remember to have fun, too!


Stephanie said...

Are any for your books in audio? If so which ones. Thanks Stephanie

Jan Burke said...

Stephanie, it looks as if I may have an announcement about audio books very soon -- but so far, no, nothing yet recorded.

Penny Stein, I took your post off here, because I don't want your personal contact information to be up on a public site. I'll contact you by e-mail.