Friday, June 16, 2006

Editorial Urges End of Crime Lab Backlogs

I'm posting this here as well as on the CLP Forum, because I think this editorial gives a clear, concise argument on this subject.

The Courier-Journal of Lafayette, Indiana published an editorial on 6/14/06, "Will clearing backlog speed up justice?"

The editorial board answered with a definite yes, commending the Indiana State Police crime lab for its progress in reducing backlogs and urging the state to continue to make the efficiency of the lab a priority, saying, "Eliminating backlogs is in the best interest of all involved." The editorial outlines some of the ways in which a reduction of crime lab backlogs aids the justice system and public safety.

Please ask your legislators to give labs what they need to eliminate backlogs and achieve 30-day turnaround for evidence testing results.

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Sandra Ruttan said...

I hope there are some positive changes as a result of this. And, in light of the post above, safe travels.